About us

40 years of driving force

As professionals, our most important task is to ensure accurate, reliable and durable electrical systems. So you can turn on the light and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Through high technical competence, flexibility and availability, we ensure that you are connected - both on land and at sea. We take challenges head on, so that you can have a stable course ahead. 

For over 40 years, we have worked to maintain a good everyday flow for our customers. Small and large businesses in various industries have challenged us to do things we have never done before.

Challenges that have made us sharpen our senses and always be up-to-date to be able to come up with the best solutions. Solutions and technology that can help take care of our surroundings, and at the same time give future generations opportunities for a good life.

A lot has happened since entrepreneur, Jan Saltkjel, started the family business at home in his garage way back in 1981. His wife, Sissel Saltkjel, was part of the team early on. Kurt, Kjell and several others also joined the team in the early days. Jan's great courage and enormous willingness to work quickly spread to the rest of us. As the assignments began to flow, it did not take long before we outgrew the garage - and into larger facilities in Deknepollen.

Since then, we have developed into a solid company that has contributed with small and large assignments in society both for the private market and the business market. We have developed specialist expertise in, among other things, shipyard installations and maritime electronics. Today, we at Ulvesund Elektro are a total supplier of electrical engineering services, mainly related to shipyards, industry and larger buildings, but also private customers.

We are keen to give future electricians the opportunity to increase their skills by taking a trade certificate from us. We believe that a good mix of younger and older people, women and men, and people from different backgrounds is important for the work environment, diversity and for seeing issues from different perspectives.

Ever since our start-up in 1981 and until today, there have been many who have opened doors for us - who have helped to give us such an eventful and exciting journey. Nevertheless, our goal has remained the same for over 40 years: for us, it is all about ensuring accurate, reliable and durable electrical systems. So that we can help maintain a good everyday flow in our customers life.


The company was founded by Jan Saltkjel. The meeting place in the garage in Saltkjelen.


The need for more space for warehouses and offices means that the company is moving to a new location in Deknepollen.


Takes over West Products AS and appoints Westcraft AS.


Sell Westcraft AS to local investors. New location in a new self-owned facilitie. Reorganizes afterwards in property and operation.


Expand with 1000 m2, more offices, new warehouse and workshop in addition to rental. Geir takes over from his father Jan as CEO.


Ståle Sandal is appointed the first CEO outside the family. Geir is a specialist leader and will spend more time on subjects and halls.


Starts with maritime electronics and bridge desks. Will deliver complete electrical, electronics and bridge desks to MS Skår Senior 2021/22 as the first boat.


40 years and 40 employees

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