Electrical installation in commercial buildings

Ulvesund Elektro offers tailor-made solutions for electrical installations in Sogn og Fjordane.

We offer everything from welfare technology and energy management to access control, heating and lighting. As an all around supplier, we both design and carry out electrical work in private homes, public buildings and commercial buildings. We can also assist with design, dimensioning and planning.


Welfare technology

Together with our suppliers, we can design and execute welfare technology systems.

Energy management

By having energy-saving equipment and solutions installed in your building, you can minimize energy consumption and at the same time improve the indoor climate. We install climate meters for CO2, heat, moisture, noise and light.

Electronic access control

An electronic access control solution boosts the general level of security in the building, and provides better control over who moves on your premises. We design and deliver security solutions and access control systems for commercial buildings. By switching to electronic access control, you automate access to your building. This means that you can easily:

  • Differentiate access per user or user groups
  • Customize opening hours in your building
  • Easily manage users' access rights
  • Get control of who has been on the premises at different times
  • We deliver access control solutions that provide maximum protection, versatility, ease of use and at the same time are cost-effective.
Camera surveillance

We install camera surveillance and offer both analogue solutions and IP solutions from some of the world's leading manufacturers. We can assist with design and consulting in connection with setting up a monitoring system in your commercial building. Subsequently, you know that the system that is set up boosts the security level sufficiently, and at the same time is in line with current legislation. The solutions we deliver can also be integrated as part of a more comprehensive security system.

Heating and lighting

We install heating and lighting systems, and can supply solutions from some of the world's leading manufacturers. Our solutions can be integrated as part of a security system, and connected to a smart home solution.

KNX smart home and wireless easy systems

With a smart home solution, you get full control of all electrical installations and the ability to connect all installations to one control system. We offer wired and wireless systems for control, where we can, among other things, connect lighting, ventilation, heating, sun protection, cooling and sound.

Lighting design

Lighting has a lot to say for how a room is experienced and is crucial for how we perceive our surroundings. We can assist with engineering related to lighting design, both in private homes and commercial buildings. By using modern technology and our own professional competence we create optimal comfort in your home or commercial building. We use today's technology and science about illuminating environments, and make sure to illuminate your visions in a way that is noticeable.

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