Thermography and control of electrical systems

Thermography is a method of measuring surface temperatures with a non-contact measuring instrument that is sensitive to infrared radiation. The thermal imager makes it possible to transform surface temperatures into a visual image, where colors visualize the different temperatures.

Ulvesund Elektro AS uses a thermography cameras to control electrical systems and detect / locate cold and heat sources. Our thermographers are Level 1 certified, and take assignments in Sogn og Fjordane with the main focus on Nordfjord.


This is how we use thermography

We have thermography cameras that can measure from -40 ° C to 500 ° C, with a resolution of 0.08 ° C. With this we can locate areas in your building where there is a potential to increase energy efficiency. Thermography is often used as a preventive measure, where potential deviations are detected and before situations arise that require costly improvements.
We use thermography for:

  • Detection of overheating in electrical facilities such as the intake, main distributions, distributions, electrical equipment, etc.
  • Detection of heating cables and waterborne heat in the floor when drilling in the floor
  • Detection of faulty location in heating cable system
  • Follow-up and control of machines such as motors, pumps, hydraulic systems, etc.
  • Detection of cold bridges, lack of insulation, air leaks and moisture in building structures
  • Level measurement in tanks
  • Detection of hot surfaces in engine rooms etc.
  • Detection of growth / sediment in pipes

If temperature differences are detected, this gives indications that it may be appropriate to take measures. Thermography results can be displayed at the control site and / or reported with a thermography report.

Internal control of electrical systems

Internal control of electrical systems is a field we are investing heavily in. We offer internal control of all electrical systems, for example in private homes, larger buildings, industry, ships and alarm systems. Thermography is a natural part of internal control at such facilities. We can deliver a complete internal control system, with control and correction of deviations.

Our contact persons for Thermography and control

Torbjørn Haugen
Torbjørn Haugen
Designing industry, construction and housing
Geir Saltkjel
Geir Saltkjel
Academic Director
Inge Olav Kvernevik
Inge Olav Kvernevik
Internal control / Thermography
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